Itinerant Preachers

God is calling for an army of itinerant preachers to arise in order to reap in the last days harvest. God is looking for those who will daily deny themselves, take up their cross, and follow Him. He is searching for those who will consecrate themselves as living sacrifices unto Him to bring Him glory, to save the lost, and to establish His Kingdom on Earth.

Will you go for Him? Do you hear Him calling your name? Is your heart burning to see the lost come to Jesus? Do you long to leave the four walls of your church and bring salvation and God’s Kingdom to a desperately lost and dying generation? Are you desperate to see America saved and redeemed back to God?

If your heart is burning then please prayerfully consider dedicating a time in your life to be a full-time itinerant preacher in the United States or any other nation you feel called to. Pray about joining this army that God is raising up to establish His Kingdom on earth, demonstrate His power, and reap in the greatest harvest the world has ever seen. Now is the time. Do not wait any longer. Stop making excuses. If He is calling you then you must GO!

Itinerant Preacher Q & A

  • When is the training?
  • Can we do our mission trip alone?
  • What should we do about finances?
  • How will we get around?
  • What should we bring with us?
  • If GGM is not providing for us financially what is GGM providing us with?

Q: When is the training?
A: The training is held every summer, but the exact dates each summer may vary. Check out the
“training” page to see when and where the next training will be held.

Q: Can we do our mission trip alone?
A: No. The biblical mandate is to be sent out two-by-two and this if for a reason. We have found by
experience that preaching alone for extended periods of time can be overwhelming and discouraging.
Thus, everyone must go with a partner. If you come to the training alone you could choose someone else
in the training that you feel most comfortable to partner up with.

Q: What should we do about finances?
A: GGM will not provide the IP’s with finances, but you have complete freedom to decide how you want
to fund your missionary journey. Thus far, all of our IP’s have gone completely by faith and God has
been faithful to provide for all of them during their entire trip. However, you have the liberty to raise
monthly support or to bring your own money on the trip. You will not be allowed to work during your
mission trip because we do not want anything to distract you from your main task: to preach the Gospel.

Q: How will we get around?
A: God will provide for all of your transportation or you could use the money you bring with you on the
trip to pay for transportation. We have used nearly every form of transportation on our mission trips
including: bus, train, airplanes, bicycles, walking, and rides from generous people. If you want to bring
your own car or bicycle that would be perfectly fine.

Q: What should we bring with us?
A: Don’t bring a suitcase! Bring a backpack, preferably a large hiking or military backpack. Fill it with
your basic necessities of life and whatever else you could fit in it. Keep in mind you will most likely
accumulate a few possessions as you travel. Feel free to bring photo and video cameras, journals, and
even a guitar if you’d like. However, remember that you are responsible for what you bring and if your
possessions somehow get stolen or lost it is not GGM’s responsibility. Thus far, only one of our itinerant
preachers has been robbed.

Q: If GGM is not providing for us financially what is GGM providing us with?
A: GGM is providing you with extensive training in different styles of evangelism and how to witness to
people of different religions. Once you are sent out GGM will provide you with a network of Host Homes
to stay at throughout the country, a network of Lighthouse Churches to work with who will disciple the
people that you bring to Christ, and a network of Intercessors who will be committed to praying for you
on a daily basis. Also, if you ever have questions, encounter a difficult circumstance, or feel confused or
discouraged you will always be able to call the leaders of GGM for prayer, counsel, or help and we will do

Itinerant Preacher Application